Internet address Dispute Resolution Committee The IDRC proviedes time-and cost-efficient service to resolve domain name disputes

Statutory Base for Establishment

The IDRC was established as a statutory committee on October 8, 2004 for the purpose of settling disputes of domain names promptly and fairly, in accordance with Article 16 of the Act on Internet Address Resources

Purpose of Establishment

The IDRC was established for the purpose of contributing to the sound internet use, by prohibiting the preoccupancy and registration of domain names under wrongful purposes, thus ensuring that the internet addresses is used by a rightful person. Also, the IDRC provides services for settling disputes related to registrations, possesses or uses of domain names.

The IDRC places emphasis on settling disputes between the cybersquatter and online or offline right-holders(trade mark and service mark owner) who are infringed or damaged by the misuse of domain through cybersquatting.